Optimising The Spend On Corrosion



A Machine Learning and AI-based tool designed to address the issue of unscheduled corrosion on military platforms.

The tool allows for the transfer of scientific research into real-world maintenance environments, reducing costs and improving response times. The platform is expected to optimise manpower by enabling users to directly engage with scientific knowledge, re-skilling and up-skilling workers in the process. CorroVision is expected to help the defense industry by redeploying specialists to other areas and allowing for better planning and decision making at higher levels.

Decision Making

Access holistic two-way data that feeds into better, more informed decision making, without additional resource drain.

Retention of

Significantly reduce training time frames and optimise the utilisation of expert specialist knowledge and skill sets.

The Spend

Eliminate additional time and monetary costs incurred by unscheduled arisings, increasing the mission success rate.

Unscheduled Maintenance

Accurately schedule corrosion related maintenance to maximise platform availability and reliability.


The Solution

CorroVision is a software based tool that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to utilise and optimise the 35+ years worth of pooled knowledge from Ascent’s corrosion subject matter experts. This covers 35+ years learning about corrosion, the impacts of corrosion, how to find corrosion, what  influences corrosion, and how to optimise those influences and external situations in order to reduce the effects of corrosion on military platforms and allowing that knowledge to be utilised by others.

CorroVision bottles up this expertise and applies it to the many factors influencing corrosion related impacts to fleet readiness. It  is a platform agnostic software tool using AI and Machine Learning to optimise corrosion management that automates the analysis process almost instantaneously. It optimises maintenance schedules, ensuring that aircraft are not over or under-maintained. and determines optimal maintenance schedules for each aircraft, reducing unnecessary maintenance, and generating manpower efficiencies. It even predicts how much corrosion each individual aircraft will experience, and provides component, aircraft and ‘whole of fleet’ data.


Ascent is looking to partner with military aviation organisations to facilitate further testing and evaluation of the CorroVision model.


Ascent is considering expressions of interest from investors to further expand and expedite the development of CorroVision.