Advanced Tactical Loading Of Aircraft Systems

A Pilot-Focussed Solution

Alleviate Pilot Workload

Ensuring mission readiness by enabling a time efficient solution that alleviates pilot workload in a single, automated solution.

Reduce In-Flight Risks

Having an intuitive, pilot-focussed HMI design facilitates accurate inputs, alleviating risks associated with military in-flight activities so far as reasonably possible.

Made For Military Applications

A single plug-and-play military specific solution, ready for use by any platform, in any environment, under any regulatory body.



AeroATLAS is a first-of-it’s kind, platform agnostic weight and balance calculation tool.

It is targeted specifically for the military configuration role and environment which captures all the regulatory requirements and best practices of multiple aviation regulatory bodies, delivering a solution that mitigates inflight safety hazards, alleviates pilot workload and ensures mission readiness.


Why AeroATLAS?

Ascent draws from the experience of their team members – veterans and subject matter experts that have been in the end user’s shoes and have experienced, firsthand, the limitations and frustrations that have sparked the development of innovative solutions like AeroATLAS.

From the clunky adaption of commercial Weight and Balance tools as an attempt to fit military applications, or platform specific solutions that require multiple applications & devices to function, through to complex spreadsheets and time consuming paper based W&B tools – we’ve been there.

AeroATLAS encapsulate all the unique aspects of Military CRE, including air-to-air refueling, weapons, paratroopers and stores expenditure into a safe & secure software platform that is readily configurable, with an intuitive design that makes it easy to capture accurate inputs, even in high-pressure environments.

It is platform agnostic and compliant with most regulatory bodies world wide, meaning it can be implemented and integrated immediately .

Say goodbye to:

AeroATLAS is:

AeroATLAS White Paper

We recently released our AeroATLAS White Paper where we delved into the challenges and the need for a Military Focused Aircraft Weight & Balance Calculation Tool. 

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